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 Welcome to If you are looking for some of the most amazing and exciting fishing that you have ever had in your life, then the Lake Erie fishing region is for you. If you decide to book a Lake Erie fishing charter service, you need to find a service with an experienced and knowledgable Captain. Capt. Mike Langer from Rampageous Fishing Charters has over 20 years of experience and knowledge fishing all the Lake Erie waters. This ensures you and your guest of having a fun, exciting and successful experience. With Capt. Mike Langer at the helm, you are sure to be led straight to some of the most fertile and productive areas on the lake. Capt. Mike truly follows the fish, working out of different locations based on the changing seasons. As all knowledgable anglers know, fish change with the seasons and being able to adjust to the seasons, water conditions and eating patterns of the fish can make a difference in having a great fishing day or bad experience.

 With some of the best fishing to be found anywhere, Lake Erie fishing in Ohio is sure to provide you with an action packed experience. Fishing on lake Erie will surely rival any other fishing trips you may have been on. Whether you come alone or bring the kids and whole family, you will be sure to be able to return home with a unique story to tell, as well as many fantastic memories that you will not be able to get anywhere else in the world. Most Lake Erie fishing charters target walleye, yellow perch, steelhead, smallmouth bass and a few other popular species that are abundant in the Lake Erie fishing grounds. Don't worry Capt. Mike will put you in the best position to catch the most fish.

Lake Erie Walleye Capt. Mike Langer treats all his clients like friends, he makes sure you are comfortable and that everyone is having a good time. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced angler or a novice angler, he will teach you techniques that will help you catch more fish. Mike knows where to go during certain times of the year to target certain species. For example the summer months and early fall of the year, the Central Basin region becomes a prime area for reeling in some of the largest Walleye. Capt. Mike provides you with a good knowledge of Lake Erie, helping to lead you straight to some of the best Walleye and perch fishing spots on the lake.

 Lake Erie Walleye fishing is big in these parts, but is not the only type of fishing. With smallmouth bass and steelhead trout also swimming these waters, you are sure to be in for one of the most amazing fishing trips possible. Perch fishing trips are also available. Best of all they do not migrate, meaning you will be able to catch these fish year round by bottom fishing in these regions. These trips can be action packed adventures. But if you are looking for a little more out of your perch fishing, then you could always try for the Jumbo perch, which are often the most plentiful during the months of September and October. Yellow perch do not get the respect they deserve, with matched light tackle and Jumbos on the line they are great fun to catch and also one of the tastiest species in the lake.

 Charters are taken aboard the “Rampageous” which is a well built Tiara 33ft open with a 12ft beam. This vessel offers plenty of fishing room and can easily handle a full crew compliment of up to 6 anglers & crew and is the Cadilac of fishing boats. At 33ft in length this vessel offers a comfortable ride on the water, even in choppy seas and has enough engine power to get to the Lake Erie fishing grounds in quick fashion. Because it is a swift running boat it offers a very fast ride to and from the fishing areas which means more time fishing and less time traveling. It is powered by twin 350hp Crusaders and is equipped with a marine radio, Faruno chart plotter, 2 GPS units for navigation and Furuno depth finder. All safety Coast Guard approved safety equipment is on board including life jackets, throw cushions, fire extinguishers and flares. Also all bait is supplied, rod & reels are included and food and drinks can be provided for a small fee. Give Capt. Mike a call today to book or reserve you outing.


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 Give Captain Mike Langer a call today to book or reserve your private guide fishing trip on Lake Erie. He will be glad to discuss prices and availability. He will also answer any questions you may have about the fishing services he offers.

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